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Mount Rainier National Park Travel Guide

[ad_1] As with many national parks, dining facilities within Mount Rainier National Park are limited. Inside the park, visitors will find two restaurants, two snack bars, a cafe and a small general store. gave dining room The National Park Inn serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and is the only dining facility in the park that …

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Saint John, New Brunswick Travel Guide

[ad_1] Located on the coast of Canada’s only official bilingual province, Saint John offers a mix of cultural influences. Before the town was settled by the French in 1631 and later by the British in the 1760s, much of New Brunswick was inhabited entirely by several First Nations peoples, including the Wlastokek and the Piscotomohkatee. …

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Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Travel Guide

[ad_1] Vinci culture does not conform to Caribbean stereotypes. Although Vincentians are known for their gentleness and hospitality, you shouldn’t expect them to relax on the beach with tourists. They are often found discussing politics or promoting tourism through agricultural trade and fishing. Many Vincentians spend their Sundays in church, and stores and restaurants are …

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Victoria and Vancouver Island Travel Guide

[ad_1] Victoria’s culture is defined by its early settlers, particularly First Nations people, and the British. Before Captain James Cook arrived on Vancouver Island in 1778, First Nations people (Aboriginal Canadians who are neither Inuit nor Métis) settled in southern Vancouver Island. Centuries later, Victoria is still influenced by Indigenous culture, with many First Nations …

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Bryce Canyon National Park Travel Guide

[ad_1] The Lodge at Bryce Canyon, which is usually open from late March to early November, is the only place to stay in the park. Here, visitors can dine at the restaurant, which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Menu items include seared salmon, sandwiches, burgers, noodle salad and bison stew. A children’s menu is also …

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